This is the official character policy of Frobisher Academy roleplay!

Characters Edit

Characters must be Descendants/Humans/Osirian/Chosen One or one of the other character from the House of Anubis series.If they do not conform to this genre, then they will be deleted. Remember to get your character Sorted.

Character's Name: Full Edit

You must have both a First and Last Name, or your character will not get Sorted. Both your character's first and last name must be capitalized, in order to follow proper grammar.

Character Name: Language and Nonsense Edit

There shouldn't be any swearing in the name, The name should be appropriate.

Bad Example: Shithead Pussy

Good Example: Delia Lightwood

You must have a NAME. Not random letters. The name can be very very very very very creative. In fact, it doesn't have to be real. But please, your name SHOULD NOT be random letters, nor contain numbers.


Ashley Stefani

Character Name: Canon (IMPORTANT TO READ) Edit

You're character can be related to characters that are human but not the characters that have major roles, For example, You're character can be related to Willow Jenks (Who's a human) but not Nina Martin, As in related they cannot be the intermediate family of the main character, They can be a descendant, but not intermediate.

Character Limit Edit

To avoid having a bunch of characters that you won't use, The character limit is up to ten character but after on your first day, you can make up to two characters, after your first month, you're able to make more characters.

Magic Abilities Edit

You're character can be a Chosen One, Osirian, Descendant or a Witch, (The reason for this is because, Mara Jaffray's name means a witch so we took this into consideration of adding witches/warlocks in this.). We do not allow: Vampires, Werewolves, or Fairies. (We do not allow fairies because you're character is in a boarding school, it'd be obvious they'll have supernatural powers. Unless you're character is a fairy without wings, but that wouldn't happen, now would it?)

Adoption Edit

For those roleplayers who are giving up their characters, they're allowed to have an adoption for their characters.

To adopt a character you must have permission from an Admin or the original owner, and you are under obligation to change any aspects of the character that may not agree with our policies. A list of characters up for adoption can be found here. The characters on this list may need to be revised and developed.